Track Title: 쓰레기

Artist: H-Eugene feat. Suki

Album: 쓰레기


H-EUGENE (H-유진) feat. SUKI (숙희) - Trash (쓰레기) 

111004 Ailee’s Cover of It ain’t it

Since you live like this, they’re getting plumped up and crawling into my house!

What piece is that?

"I believed that I’d never be able to find the true meaning, joy or value of music. Maybe I can find something to do here as well. Something that makes my heart flutter."

I knew it from the beginning. This kid plays however she likes, so it’s special. I know all your habits now. So I’ll match along to you. I’m the only one who can do it.

"I feel like I’m drying off a wet dog."