Kaneki at work.

"Since I’m pregnant, being hungry makes me feel nauseous and unable to sleep."

Out of 7 billion
what's the probability that the person I like will like me back?
To me now, a miracle might happen.
Track Title: 플랜맨 (Ballad Ver.)

Artist: 한지민

Album: 플랜맨
한지민 - 플랜맨 (발라드)


“You have no sense of planning. You touch dirty things. You’re messy and totally different from me. So different. But still, I like you.” - (Plan Man [플랜맨] 2014

You really like Joo Jang Mi, right?

[1 / x] Yoona @ Another Sky 

"Thank you for waiting for me. And for being by my side now."